Seros Medical is focused on the development of innovative medical devices for the treatment of both refractive and progressive myopia. These forms of myopia are major medical challenges facing both the developed and developing world.

Over the past 20 years, the prevalence of refractive myopia in the US has increased from 25% to 31% of the total population. However, the predominant non-surgical treatment for this condition (>95%) has remained eyeglasses or contact lens. LASIK surgery, which is an effective procedure for correcting vision, captures less than 3% of the annual refractive myopia market.

Progressive myopia, while only afflicting 2% of the US population, has an incidence as high as 25% in some Asian populations such as China and Singapore. In addition to being severely nearsighted, a person suffering from progressive myopia may incur severe retinal damage, often resulting in blindness. Currently there is no effective treatment for progressive myopia.

Seros Medical's devices and treatments provide a safe, reliable and cost effective means of treating both refractive and progressive myopia.